Covent Garden Supply – Training Module



A growing business on the New Covent Garden Market, Covent Garden Supply found success with Assist in ensuring that all their staff training records were easily accessible and up to date.

Covent Garden Supply are a fruit and vegetable supplier for high end restaurants and hotels predominately in the London/Greater London area.

With around 90 employees, sufficient staff training is an integral part of their business. The Assist training platform was an ideal solution to allow them to keep track of records and store in one place.

Caroline Smith works in the HR department at Covent Garden Supply, they had previously attempted to use manual training records to monitor staff training and found that physical copies were very hard to maintain and keep up to date.

“In looking for a solution, we knew we needed to ensure that records were visible, easy to set up and easily accessible. Assist ticked all the boxes for all our needs and requirements.

Having found success through working with CFS on BRC Food Safety, we were interested to trial the Assist system for our HR needs.

The set up process was quick and easy. We particularly appreciated that if we had any issues or requests for further program elements to be added, our queries were listened to and dealt with quickly and with care.

The Assist platform allows us to monitor staff training for all the necessary departments. This is vital in ensuring all our employees are qualified to carry out their roles efficiently and safely.

The HR department have particularly benefited from Assist. It has allowed us to keep administration and requirements far more up to date and, more importantly, records are easily accessible to show senior management when required.

As all our records are stored on one platform with Assist, it saves trawling through manual records, with stats and information readily available for analysis. The time we have saved by using Assist is invaluable.

Assist has definitely been a good investment for Covent Garden Supply. Not only has it cut down the time spent on keeping and maintaining records, it has brought to light the needs for further training in some departments. It is an excellent price for what the program provides, and the customer service is outstanding.”


Food Chain – SAQ Module


Food Chain are working to build a more sustainable, efficient and transparent supply chain that both chefs and suppliers love. They are currently building a community of the best chefs, restaurants, producers and suppliers as part of their mission to bring high quality, fresh, and affordable food to everyone.

Food Chain have been using the Assist SAQ module over the past year to efficiently manage their supplier approval process. With its easy to use design Assist has helped Food Chain ‘save time and increase productivity by providing a consolidate platform for storing and organising food safety information.’

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